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Young People

If you are a young person, then The Y Factor project is about YOU! The Y Factor exists to support and empower young people to be the leaders for women’s equality.

The Y Factor works in schools and youth projects, through on-line platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and by working directly with young people’s groups and organisations to provide support and information.

Our project Steering Group is currently comprised of young people under the age of 25. If you want to find out more about how you can get involved with The Y Factor, just click on get the Y factor.

Aoife Campbell, an original member The Y Factor steering committee says:

“Poverty is a girl thing; sexual violence is a girl thing; and a lack of reproductive rights is a girl thing 

We have to empower young people to be critical of the ways in which they experience gender and to challenge areas where they experience inequality. Politics should not be relegated only to the Dáil and the Seanad, politics is everywhere. The informal sector of care, reproductive rights and poverty are especially political – the voices of young women here need to be heard. We need to make these areas public, debate them and demand changes to the policies, laws and norms which inform them, in our families, schools, in our communities and beyond. Activism is happening every time we are media critical and when we encourage others to reject harmful and disrespectful advertising.

Young people need feminism, we need to have a voice and to foster the confidence and bravery required to speak even when nobody asked, to criticise and advocate alternatives to the roles, policies and institutions which restrict us, to work together in solidarity to demand the services we need.

Anger, organisation, activism and advocacy – it’s a girl thing.”

Use our guide to taking action on the issues you feel are important: 

Download the 'Through the Looking Glass' Toolkit here'.

Through the Looking Glass

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