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Links and Resources

The Y Factor project worked with schools and youth projects across Ireland to develop and deliver discussion and learning programmes with young men and young women about equality for wowmen. During 2013 this work was in its pilot phase and we engaged with a number of youth projects and schools around the country. A toolkit to empower young people to become advocates for gender equality was producted to continue and support this work and the work of gender conscious educators and youth workers. These tools are avaiable in here in Youth Workers and Teachers for your use.  We will be providing free further training in your school or project in 2014 and 2015 to compliment  and support your use of these resources. if you are interested please contact

Download the 'Through the Looking Glass' Toolkit here'.

Through the Looking Glass

We have found a number of other great links and resources we think you can refer to in your work on women’s equality.

Stay tuned for more!

  • The Girl Effect is a useful and interactive site outlining global change for girls.
  • National Youth Council of Ireland resource Access All Areas chapter 11 ‘Working With Young Men and Young Women to Challenge Gender Stereotypes’
  • Gender Matters is a manual for use by youth workers and educators on gender based violence affecting young people.
  • Miss Representation is an education, mobilising resource website for young women around media influence on self and body image.
  • Because I am a Girl is a global Plan initiative working to empower young women for community transformation. Education resources are available plus spaces to make your opinion heard.
  • Discovering Women in Irish History is a comprehensive education resource detailing women’s role in Irish history from Early and Medieval Ages right through to Independence in Ireland.
  • The Young Feminist Wire is an Association of Women in Development initiative with great resources and plenty of opportunities to get involved.
  • Rookiemag is an E-zine alternative to the types of youth focused media which has a negative impact on young people’s self-image and self-determination.