An initiative of the National Women’s Council of Ireland

Who’s who

The Steering Group 



gillianGillian McInerney

Is involved in education, LGBTQ issues and Twitter. I got involved with The Y Factor because it matters. These conversations need to happen and keep happening until we are equal.




SaibhSaibh McCaffrey

Saibh is sixteen years old and I'm currently in Fourth Year in St. Andrew's College. I have always had an interest in feminism, especially in girl's rights in foreign countries. But I first started to act on my interest when I attended a launch event for a charity called Because I am a Girl by Plan. This charity is all about raising awareness and fighting for the rights of young girls in less economically developed countries. At the event, I was introduced to The Y Factor project. I realised that there was something I could do to help raise awareness for feminism right here in Ireland. This is the reason that I am a part of The Y Factor. 


The Y Factor Staff

Louise Riordan



Laura Laura Maloney, Development Worker

Laura Maloney is a Youth and Community Masters graduate from NUI Maynooth. She has worked previously with young Traveller women’s groups and on LGBTQ youth issues. She has a passion for women’s equality and most wishes to ban the words ‘I am not a feminist but…’ Laura is the Development worker with The Y Factor.

She maintains the social media forums and engages young people in planned delivery of youth work programmes within schools, youth projects and other fora.