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Young Women & Labour Market Activation

August 19, 2014 at 12:41

The Y Factor is a project of the National Women's Council of Ireland. The Y Factor project was established on the basis that gender inequality affects people at all stages in their lives and at all levels – from family life to global relations. The National Women’s Council recognises that young people do have a voice, they do have something to say and that their experiences and views as women and men need to be heard. Young people are the leaders in building our future society – The Y Factor has been set up to empower and support them to have their voices heard in the continuing movement for equality.

In this vein, The Y Factor has commissioned research to explore young women's experience of unemployment, focusing on young women's experience of labour market activation.

Labour market activation is the policy of the Department of Social Protection that links payments such as Job Seekers Allowance with efforts to seek employment. It offers services such as support to seek employment, training and education. Those in receipt of a payment are obliged to participate or face losing part of their payment.

This short survey is designed as one of the ways that the research is gathering information and we would love to hear from you if you have experience of labour market activation measures. If you answer yes to the first two questions in the survey - this means that this survey is for you.

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