An initiative of the National Women’s Council of Ireland


Learning about Feminism

January 20, 2013 at 1:34

Feminism? What could it mean? We certainly didn’t know! On the 9th of November, we began to understand its exact meaning. Two speakers from the Y Factor arrived at our school to work with us on understanding and acknowledging the role of women in society.  Before our meeting, we expected an uninteresting lecture on women’s suffrage from the 20th century but soon we realised that there was more to the subject than one would first presume.

During the first visit, we discussed the media’s perception of women. It was interesting for us as we had never really noticed the lack of variety of body image. We noticed as a group how women are always perceived to be vulnerable and fragile. Nowadays, we are more aware of the media’s portrayal of women, however no action has been taken against this.

During our second week, we were given a presentation.  It was a lot different from the first week as it was more formal. We learned the meaning of words and we had heard a lot in relation to feminism, but never really put a lot of thought into gender or discrimination. We also went into detail about how women’s role in society has changed. We got a lot of interesting views from our class mates on why they felt women were not as represented as men in society, especially in government.

At the end of the second week, we were divided into groups and were assigned a project on “Inspiring Women”.  We found this really enjoyable as it was such a wide topic which could involve anybody. The project subjects varied from the likes of Katie Taylor to Angie Benhaffaf. Researching the projects was a thoroughly enjoyable experience which capped off a hugely entertaining visit from the National Women’s Council!

Nicole Sherry, Cathy McKeown and Zoe O'Hagan