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Fighting the same Fight

January 22, 2013 at 1:13

Fifties' HousewifeMy feminism is intersectional. Why is this you may ask? Well in my eyes I am a whole human being. My interests and passions vary wildly but they all come together to make up who I am. I am, by my own definition, a queer, fat feminist and all three of these are areas where I experience discrimination.

I don't believe there are many women in the world who experience discrimination only because of their gender. And I know that there are people who experience it on way more levels than I do. But it's because of both of these things that I am always vocal and adamant that feminism should be approached as intersectional because once we start saying 'This isn't a feminist issue', that's when the divides start to appear.

Feminism has a rich history and has always been hotly debated among its community as to what exactly it stands for. In my eyes, if you believe in equal rights, opportunities and respect for all people regardless of gender, then you are a feminist. If you believe that no one person is better than another because of who they are then you are a feminist. 

Feminism should not be looking to define itself or its issues. It should be looking to include all those who face discrimination. Because at the end of the day we are all fighting the same fight, just in different guises. 

Gillian McInerney