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Deirdre’s Story

December 09, 2013 at 10:03

"One health experience that sticks out in my mind is when I was in my first year at UCD. I awkwardly went to the college Doctor to find out what a very sore and big lump down below in my lady bits was. In general I don't like going to the doctor. For me its all a little too disconcerting with lots of sick people awkwardly sitting around and the walls and shelves covered in paraphernalia usually about STIs and STDs! On this occasion I sat down and discreetly told the female doctor that I would like her to look at a lump down below. Before she proceeded to investigate IT, she instead began to surmise what it  potentially could be. She asked me how long I was in a relationship, was I happy and most importantly was I sure my boyfriend wasn't cheating on me, as "you never really can be 100% sure"! Then she decided to list the most common STIs and STDs and the several symptoms associated with them. After what seemed like an hour of scaremongering she finally decided to have a look at IT. The IT that perhaps would reveal my boyfriends unfaithful ways or even my promiscuous behaviour. But no, after close inspection IT turned out to be nothing more than an ingrown hair!! Yes, an ingrown hair! Not genital warts, not the end of the world and most importantly, not the end of my pretty good relationship. Well, at the time it was, it ended a couple of years afterwards but still not because of an STI or STD. grin I know this is just one experience and I am sure for every bad one there will be examples of helpful, funny good experiences but for me I think it is worthwhile getting all experiences out there and heard. Only then can we really make a point about our health and how it matters!" - Deirdre.