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Climate Conversations

June 17, 2014 at 9:19

 The Y Factor is proud to host The Community Workers' Co-operative Climate Conversations workshop on the 25th of June. For anyone interested in climate change and how it will effect our community this event is not to be missed.The challenge of climate change poses many questions for community development in Ireland. The government is introducing legislation and policies on “low carbon development” which will have huge effects on our food, transport and energy systems.

The Community Workers’ Co-operative climate conversations workshop offer a space for community workers and those concerned with community development to reflect on these issues and explore how climate change will affect their practice and the communities with whom community work is concerned.

For more information about Climate Conversations have a look at their website. The event will be held at The National Womens’ Council of Ireland, 2-3 Parnell Square East, Dublin from 2pm-4pm on the 25th of June. RSVP: